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A Career as a Microblading Artist

A career in the beauty industry can be a very satisfying and rewarding. With the beauty business booming in Southern California, this billion-dollar industry is projected to continue for many years to come. As a microblading artist your job is to enhance your clients natural facial features with beautiful eyebrows. Its that simple! 

To be a successful microblading artist it is important to know:

  • The art of drawing hair strokes
  • The technique of implanting color
  • Have an artistic eye
  • A steady hand
  • Clear vision

This program is designed to help beginner and experienced microblading artist with relevant information that will offer the quickest path to build an exciting career.


A one-on-one, private, three-day class with live models to ensure that you leave feeling your best! (Class details below).


What is Microblading?

Infection Prevention & Control Plan

Skin Anatomy 

Color Theory & Skin

Drawing Hair Strokes 

Implanting Color


Bloodborne Pathogens

Business License 

County Health Permit/facility




Marketing & Advertising 

*Microblading kit included



make 2019 your year


Microblading & Business Strategy

Learn everything you need to know about Microblading and how to START your brand new business.  Includes a business strategy packet, recieve one-on-one training in microblading as well as a permanent cosmetics welcome bag.

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Advanced Permanent Cosmetics

Let’s step up your game by learning the latest skills in the industry. This course focuses on eyes, lips, and brows as well as trouble-shooting in these areas. Come get the support you need today so you can be successful tomorrow.   

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Tattoo Removal

Now that you know everything about Microblading, lets talk about tattoo removal.  

Includes one-on-one training and a welcome bag.

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Resource center


Your Training Place

Bloodbourne Pathogens Certification.

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Los Angeles Health Department -Body Art Program

Health Permit/ Facility Permit. 

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Kerry Insurance

Vanessa is very familiar with the Permanent Cosmetic industry and  will handle all your insurance needs for your new business  

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The I.D.E.A Club

Dumas Martin has been doing non-profits, profits, S-Corp, C-Corp, branding, and copyrights for over 20 years. Click the link below if you are ready to make your dreams a reality.  

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Perma Blend Pigments

Best pigments on the market.

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